Fendi Suggestions!!!

  1. I am thinking about my firs Fendi Bag.
    I do not know much abou the different styles.
    Appears the Spy bags are still a must have.

    Can anyone make a suggestion -- with Photos (that would be great)

    Note: I like statment bags (large in size bold colors)
  2. Well, if you like bold and big, you could get the orange Spy:

  3. I just got a B mix myself, they come in different colors and perfect size! I got it in black.
  4. I searched around and found this on eluxury.com. It also comes in black leather which would be more practical. I thought it was a classic style great for a first fendi! It has three compartments so it holds a lot. Its called the forever tote. there is also the tribal spy which has grown on me. There are a lot of others that I couldn't find pics so I would recommend searching thru the fendi forum for other styles.
    forever tote.jpg
  5. Agree with Lorebunde, if you search on here you will see people spy collections and see which ones you like also you can go to Lits reference thread at the top of Fendi which has loads of pictures