Fendi striptease and EMERGENCY dilemma!

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  1. I just saw and touched and inhaled a gorrrrrgeous spy, original price over $8000, and now at $3750 (or something like that). I want it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad.

    However, 1) I'm in for a big lecture if a close friend finds out:yucky:, 2) am having a moral/ethical dillemma regarding the making of this precious beauty:shrugs:, 3) I can only get it if they raise my credit limit to make the purchase:push:.

    Uh based on the above I clearly should not be getting this bag..but its such a great deal and I can't stop thinking about it! :crybaby:I need advice from anyone who owns exotic skinned/fur bags/clothing/shoes. It's a little complicated and I'm not trying to get into a animal lovers debate, I just need someone to talk to who has these things! Oh and of course I'm practically begging for you all to convince me to get it:yes: Here she is..​


    If I don't end up getting it I will put it on hold for anyone here who is interested!


    Ok..and I bought some shooz! teehee..:angel:
    shews 023.jpg
  2. hmm... is it a green and brown fur spy?
  3. card said '06...handles are green, fur is shades of brown:drool::heart:
  4. hmm... for me this would not be a difficult decision, because fur makes me sad. so i don't think i can be objective about it.
  5. :confused1::confused1::confused1: Green and Fur? :s I am stumped already...I'm gonna turn in my badge, this is killing me...:noggin:
  6. Is it me, but is their a picture cannot see one.....or is it guess the spy????? can only see NM bags
  7. I think I know now...:graucho:
    Sharon Stone likes that bag...OMG!! Way tooo awesome...strip some more Knee Hi!
  8. Uh huh. Take it off!
  9. must see, show..show...
  10. I think it is this one, for the record :yes:

  11. If thats the bag i love it! :tup: What kind of fur is it?
  12. believe it is mink
  13. Fendi is well known for their use of fur- I wouldn't buy it (just because I prefer the look of leather and scared it would attract moths), but I can see it is a nice bag- so it is up to you I dont judge those who wear real fur
  14. Maybe it's because I've been on the Curbing Consumerism Thread but I couldn't spend $3750 on a bag right now...but ask me again after I pay off my cc's and get a big bonus or income tax check...:graucho:
  15. That's a tough choice! A part of me wonders if leather is ok for a handbag, why is fur so awful? I never could understand the logic behind that.

    Personally, I don't wear fur because I feel weird about it, but if you don't have any stigmatisms about it, I'd say GO for it and don't look back. Enjoy it! That said, TAKE IT ALL OFF!!! We wanna see! :graucho: