Fendi Striped Denim Spy - Should I keep it?

  1. Hey ladies,

    I was very excited about the Fendi Striped Denim Spy when I saw it on Saks online and made a impulse purchase!

    But now I don't know if I should keep it... :amazed:

    I'm scared it will get dirty easily. I had a chance to get a black leather one but really didn't like how it looked in person and on me.

    What do you girls think?


  2. this bag iss soooo adorable chrissie. I seen the black one you had and it just didnt look right.

    I also think that if you were to purchase a spy, it would be cognac or honey (i like those alot).

    however, I think the denim spy would look really good on you. I can already picture it !

    Its just me.
  3. Very nice i'd keep it :biggrin:

  4. I'm not a fan of the Spy but I love that version!
  5. i think its gorgeous for spring! and because of all the blue i don't think it will show dirt that easily
  6. Keep it!
  7. I think you should keep it... spray the material so it resists stains. ;)
  8. Oooh good idea! Scotch guard it!
  9. i saw this one IRL, but i think the material is too cheap for the price IMHO. But if u really like it a lot, then keep it.
  10. Very cute. Treat it with fabric protectant; that should help.
  11. Do you think the material is cheap? Well I didn't have really high expectations of the material knowing that it's denim/cotton. I felt the same way about the Louis denim line too when it first came out. I didn't think denim/cotton bags are worth $1G+.

    That's probably another reason why I am hestitant about keeping it. It's a $1600+ denim/cotton bag! :weird:
  12. Very Cute! Perfect for spring. I love how it transforms it from sort of a dark urban bag to a cute, preppy, resort-seson purse! I didn't like it when I first saw it but you pics made me do a 180!:love:
  13. get one in cognac or honey. dk brown is pretty too.
  14. I love stripes, but I don't like the Spy much.
    If you're not COMPLETELY diggin' it, it shouldn't stay.
  15. I say keep it! I much prefer this to the leather Spys.