Fendi striped denim spy satchel.....

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  1. now on eluxuryfor $990 (sad how i think this is a great price)

    it's not for me (i'm just not a spy kinda girl even though i do love the satchels) cuz i'd live in fear of getting it dirty but it is absolutely adorable....loving the white handles....


    link to more images of the bag......

    just looking at it makes my eyes kinda cross/spin like those optical illusion things.........
  2. Its quite cute, its got a sporty thing to it! Not as nice as the diamonds one, although thats 3 times the price!
  3. Funny, how if anything is below $900, we think its a great price :smile:. It is sporty and fun!
  4. i've seriously lost all conception of what's expensive and what isn't......ppl sometimes look at me as though i'm crazy (okay not sometimes....more like all the time) :blink:
  5. I have a little girl who talks the same way about handbags as I do...She went out shopping with my hubby and saw a Prada canvas tote for 915.00 and said...Look dad..thats what mom wants and its soooo cheap!!!
    Beware if you have little ones..the illness is contageous!!!!!!!!!
  6. I saw this the other day and it's soo cute! I'm really seriously debating it...

  7. Cute bag. But when I looked closley the stripes made me dizzy. :wacko:
  8. Saw this IRL on Monday - its soooooo cute, and a really good size too. :biggrin: