Fendi store at the Galleria Dallas?

  1. I can't remember when I saw it, either last fall or early sometime this year..a sign on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the Galleria (on the Nordstrom side) saying "FENDI BOUTIQUE Coming Soon!". I'm not sure if it had a date..I think it did but it was 6 months or something.

    Anyway, I was wondering what happened to that? Did they not decide to open? Is it there and I can't see it? It's not on the existing list of stores, new stores, or upcoming stores on the website. I was really looking forward to it:sad:
  2. glad to see u are from TX also, i don't know about dallas but houston has one right by neiman's in the galleria...in case u have to come down this way...
  3. Glad to hear that kneehighz! As for me that Melbourne Fendi boutique still hasn't come and I doubt it will, it's been ages...
  4. I've been to the Galleria I'm talking about after I posted this question but not that area of the mall so I still don't know whether its there or not. Oh well.
  5. I was there on Saturday and I didn't see it. Was the sign on a store site or somewhere in the mall?
  6. Thanks ssmama! I really did see a sign, but I guess they changed their minds. STILL haven't been back there myself lol, but it was on the norstrom side on the third or second floor. If you are walking and Nordies is stright towards you, it would have been on your left before Nordies. Maybe they;ll come back later..