Fendi Stock at NM San Antonio

  1. Here are some photos for us to all discuss, love, like, hate or have to buy right now!!!!!!:wlae:
    IMG_1517 copy.jpg IMG_1518 copy.jpg IMG_1519 copy.jpg IMG_1520 copy.jpg IMG_1521 copy.jpg
  2. a few more...
    IMG_1522 copy.jpg IMG_1523 copy.jpg IMG_1524 copy.jpg IMG_1525 copy.jpg
  3. Love Love the Dejour bag and the metallic Baby Spy.:tup:
    The tribal kind of reminds me of Halloween.
  4. XO -- thanks for all the drool material...:drool::drool::drool::drool:
  5. I love that spy on the last pic...!it's gorgeous! what's the name of that spy again??
  6. Why don't they have a good stock in Dallas! Isn't Dallas important?! C'mon now! Hopefully that boutique will open soon though.

    ah ok..so discussion..

    1-Not sure how I feel about it, all I know is I hate the handles. Besides that I'm its not on my wishlist.

    2- If I got it I'd rather get the spy than the baby..

    3-Looks different in those pics than I saw in real life, but I really like it. Not on my wish list since I have the zucca/nappa, but if could I'd get it.

    4- very cute but again, I'd rather have the regular size

    5- I like this and its the one thats 650$ and is yellow inside if I'm not mistaken. I was going to get it but decided not to because I'm not comfortable with wearing all that zucca. If I was then I would get it!

    6- Like the style but I'd rather have the older brown one or even the black, not metallic.

    7- Cute but not for me.

    8- Looks good in that pic, but not for me.

    9- Was in love with it when I saw it on bluefly for the first time but don't like it in person.

    Thanks for posting the pics! Might take a trip down there sometime..good to know you guys have a good stock:tup:
  7. Ooh, I like it, too! the stitching makes it kinda casual, though...don't know if I would buy it, but definitely drool-worthy! :p
  8. Oooh... I'm loving number #3. I've been thinking that I need a zucca spy added to my collection. Wish that it had the tortoise handles though. Can you give more details? Anyone?? Thanks!!!
  9. Love them all!!! But number 6 is so fab! :tup: I have the same in my Fendi collection. Enjoy your gorgeous Fendi. :smile:
  10. Hey BalenciagaLove

    I have #3 and I LOVE it!!! Like kneehighz mentioned, it looks a little diff IRL, the metallic is a bit shinier and blends very well with the zucca IMHO esp under the right light, it is perfect! Somewhat matte looking. The only thing is, I find it harder to match than my other leather bags b/c of the pattern, but I love it :o)
  11. ^^ Uh oh!! LOL! I wonder if there are any available nearby. :nuts: :nuts:
  12. When are next seasons Spys coming out?