Fendi Spys Galore & a MJ Stam!

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  1. Went to my local NM today--it's the store in San Diego, the number is 1-800-200-0522. Anyways, they had a bunch of different Spys--so I thought I'd share the info in case anyone's looking for a specific style, so here's the list:

    1) Dark brown "regular" spy--I think this color might be cognac...
    2) Honey spy satchel
    3) Blue and white striped canvas spy with white leather handles
    4) Blue and white striped canvas satchel with white leather handles
    5) Cream leather spy
    6) Mink spy
    7) Fendi signature print fabric satchel with dark brown handles
    8) Spy hobo in taupe leather body with dark blue handle

    Oh--they also have a black stam if someone is dying to have one...
  2. Did you happen to notice if they had the MJ Elise in the chalk patent? I went to Neimans today to catch another glimpse of it but they were sold out...
  3. i am not feeling the new stam in black for some reason, what do you think? i am still in the quest and still do not have a black bag.
  4. The Elise in chalk patent is gone! It was there for a few days when they first got them--but no longer. I wanted to look at it too! I have the chalk hobo and I'm starting to re-think the bag....
  5. I like the new one better than last season's. I have the black Ice leather and wish I could trade it in for the new one!
  6. I sooooooooo tried to love the Stam. But it was too bulky--even without the stuffing. I found out that the original Stam was more slouchy--which I would have loved, but then they made it more structured. The Spring ones are more structured than the Resort ones too. I so wanted to love this bag.... So sad.
  7. Does your NM have many Balenciagas? We've talked before...I'm going to SD in April. I think I want another B bag!
  8. Yes, they have Balenciaga now. They had this white large purse with a lock or something on it. It was attractive, but I'm not a b-bag fan--so I can't really tell you much about the models, etc. They also had bags in an inky blue, purple, and I think black. They seem to have a pretty good stock of Balenciaga.

    If you're coming to SD, you should definitely stop by the Fashion Valley mall. It's the biggest mall in SD. There's NM, Nordstrom, and Saks--for high-end department stores. Saks doesn't have a good purse selection though. In terms of stores, then there's Coach, LV, Burberry, Max Mara, Betsey Johnson--I think that's it for "purse" stores...

    Feel free to ask other SD questions.
  9. Thanks wickedassin! :biggrin: I remember Fashion Valley now. I bought a Luella at NM. I'm so fickle when it comes to bags....I'll probably want a different brand by then. I'm glad to hear that they have a decent selection. I was begging hubby to go to South Coast Plaza, but he said it's too far of a drive. :sad2: We're doing all the typical kid stuff...Sea World, the zoo, Wild Animal Park, etc. OT, but what will the weather be like in April?
  10. South Coast Plaza is about an hour or so north of San Diego. If you did Disneyland, it could sorta work.... But if you're staying in SD, it is a little bit of a drive.

    The weather in April should be nice. It'll be probably in the low 70's and sunny. If anyone ever wants to come to SD, DO NOT COME IN MAY OR JUNE. We have "May Gray" and "June Gloom"--it's not sunny and all the tourists are always disappointed. Spring months, Winter months or August are much better choices.
  11. That's good to know! I was hoping it wasn't the rainy season or too hot. It sounds like I'll find something at Fashion Valley....as if I need another bag!