Fendi Spy's at Bloomingdales in Natick, MA...Chestnut Hill Mall

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  1. I'm not familiar with the bag and saw them in passing, they were sitting in a case - so the best that I can describe them:

    One was black and pretty big, another was brown bit smaller, and one more I think was a tan (not sure). But if any of you are looking for it, give the store a call.
  2. There's a Bloomingdales in Natick now? Hmm. Thanks. Can't wait for NM & Nordies next year.
  3. Wait ... I'm a little confused ...

    As far as I know, the only Bloomingdales in the greater-Boston area is in Chestnut Hill, MA - part of the shopping complex on Route 9 (Boylston Street). It's across the hill from the Chestnut Hill Mall (which houses Barney's NY and the House/Men's Bloomies).

    Yes, the Bloomingdales at Chestnut Hill does carry Spy bags as well as Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, etc. They usually have a decent collection as Chestnut Hill is a very wealthy suburb (part of Newton & Brookline).

    Barney's (which is in the Chestnut Hill Mall - not the same as above), also had a good selection of Spy bags (Honey, Cognac, etc.). They are refurbishing the store because the big "mama" in Copley is going to be opening in early March (WOO HOO :nuts: :wacko: :biggrin: !). I better put the charge cards away NOW!
  4. Sorry, I did mean the Bloomies next to the Chestnut Hill mall. I tought that was still in the Natick proper, no?
  5. No, Natick is quite a ways out from where Bloomie's and the Chestnut Hill Mall are. Chestnut Hill is actual a postal code comprised of sections of Brookline and Newton (both very close suburbs near Boston). Brookline is actually the next town due west of Boston. That's why there are a lot of fancy-schmancy stores around the area (so that folks like me can get into trouble!!!!). :biggrin:
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