fendi spy

  1. can anyone tell me the retail of the fendi spy Meg has :smile:

  2. retail price for all leather honey spy like the one owned by Megs: $2080.
  3. About, $2075 + tax (Ca) $2250. I have to say it's worth it, I love mine to death.
  4. I am thinking ahead LOL Do I get a spy or do I get a paddington in either tan or whiskey ????
  5. I am not so crazy about Paddington so I won't vote for it. I love my spy sooo much. I thinking of buying another one:love: :nuts: .
  6. What color spy to you own now?
  7. the spy is seriously growing on me.
  8. Between the two, I would get the spy.
  9. I love my spy so much more than my paddington!! I have the cognac and it's a great color.
  10. I agree with the Spy vote ... I have 3 (Cognac, Teal, Brown/Sequin) and LOVE them all. My Paddington, however, is up on eBay!!
  11. I have the dark brown one and it is a classic! I have been wearing my spy a lot more than my Chanel reissue and my other new bags. That shows how much I love this bag! I am waiting for the gold/silver one or if I can find the teal blue from last year fall collection. :love:
  12. I just bought the honey spy and love love love the color. I looked at the Cognac but it is so dark. I would love to find the teal one from last season. But what is the gold/silver one that is being referred to?
  13. well - I think I may get both ove rthe next couple of months -- Is it harder to get hold of a cognac spy thatn a paddy - I would get the paddy from net a porter but the spy off eBay
  14. me too... whats next on my list to buy??? :shame: