Fendi Spy vs Marc Jacobs Quilted

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  1. This is an IM I got from a reader Taryn (who should join our forum!!), but I wanted to post this for her to see what you all think! :smile:
  2. I'd rather have the Spy, not a huge fan of that particular quilted bag. If I wanted the quilted look I'd probably go with Chanel :smile:
  3. Ditto.
  4. Definitely the Spy bag:smile:
  5. definitely the SPY!!!!
  6. My sister loves her Fendi Spy bags. I'm not a big fan of em'. I only like the handles...What's a bag with just nice handles? I don't get it. I agree w/ Noriko if you just like that M.Jacobs quilted look go for Chanel.
  7. I agree! Other than the handles, the Spys look like the knitting bags my grandmother used to use -- no shape unless they are stuffed with tissue and that heavy flap that holds the 'secret' compartment squashes a partially filled bag. Love the handles, tho'.

    Haven't been tempted by a Marc Jacobs since the Toaster (had one in pink). I do like the Adina (see below) but it weighs a TON, even empty in the store. Its also surprisingly BIG.

    Not really on topic, but its my two cents.


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  8. I agree with Noriko, too. I'm not a big Fendi fan, but, God, the quilted bag by MJ is awful :sad: I usually love the bags that Lindsay Lohan chooses, but this is really absurd!

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  9. THE SPY! I have it and it is amazing - the quilted is awful, in my opinion.
  10. I can't believe none of you likes the Marc Jabobs bag!! :weird: I saw it about two weeks ago in a store in Italy, and I was immediately in love! :love:

    But I also love my Spy bag!! I would never leave my Spy Bag alone :toung:
  11. I really like the Marc Jacobs bags, there's just something about it.. cant really put my finger on it. But i love the spy as well... if i had to choose, i really wouldnt know.. all i know there will be sleepless nights :smile:. (Id get both if i could afford it.)
  12. Ilike them both but if i had to choose i would go for the MJ , but that chain part has to go
  13. Although I am a huge MJ fan, I would have to say the Spy is cuter. I've seen and touched the quilted bag, and I have to say, I am not a big fan. Quilted bags from Chanel are a bit more practical and classic in my opinion. I think the MJ quilted bag might be dated really soon....just my two cents.
  14. I would have to say the Fendi Spy bag, although this is the coolest MJ they ever maid;)
  15. Not a big fan of either the MJ bag or the Spy. I don't like the shape of the Spy (though the peanut butter color of the one Noriko posted a couple of weeks ago was so pretty) and I agree with most of the previous posters that if I wanted quilted, I'd go with Chanel.

    I love the MJ Blake bag, though. I saw it in Saks the other day :love: I am trying to save up at least half of the $$$ for that one.