Fendi Spy - too slouchy? Always digging around for stuff?

  1. Hi guys,

    I am currently the (very) proud owner of a beautiful Mulberry Emmy but have fallen in love with the Spy! But one of the (many) reasons I love my Mulberry so much is that it is so structured so I can always find everything in it, and it has all those handy pockets. Obviously, I do not want to spend the rest of my life with a structured bag on my elbow but do you guys think that the Spy is too slouchy? Does it swallow everything you put into it? Do any fragile bits you put in get crushed (I tend to take a water bottle with me everywhere I go so am very aware of it ruining my papers/sandwiches if I take a slouchy bag - silly I know, but thats life!)

  2. I don't have a spy (yet) and I know there's nothing worse than digging around in a bottomless pit but how about using smaller bags,makeup bag, etc. inside the spy bag? That way things would be organized. I always use some type of small bag in my good bags anyway just in case of leakage. I would never just throw in a pen, tube of lipstick in such a costly bag.
  3. I DO dig around:crybaby:. But I use the coin compartment for my phone or anything that I know I need to get out quick. Except for today when I dumped it in my spy and couldn't find it when it was ringing and missed the call...
    Some people ignore the pain and suffering to look cute. I think I'm one of these people:biguns:

    Oh and welcome to the forum!
  4. I use a purseket in mine (as well as all my bags). It helps organize the inside. I don't have the link handy, just google purseket.
  5. yep, I dig around too.... I never thought about it before now, but that is a small drawback to the spy. But having no pockets inside is what helps give it that gorgeous slouchy shape. For me, the overall comfort of the spy when carrying it (it's light, you can wear it on your shoulder and fit a ton in it) really outweighs the digging around drawback.
  6. Ditto that :tup:. The bag is worth the digging! :graucho:
  7. VERY worth the digging. I don't care how much I have to dig, or how long it take me to find my pen, or if I miss a call cos of it, I love the bag that much that I am willing to overlook all of this.
  8. I do know what you mean about loving structured bags! For me, using a shallow satchel was perfect for placing my necessities within view. Have you considered going for the baby spy instead?
  9. chessmont,
    I never thought of using a purseket inside a spy! Do you mind posting a pic of your empty spy with it inside?
    Thanks! :smile:
  10. --This is a medium purseket; maybe a large would work well, too, I haven't tried it. It doesn't seem to affect the nice slouchy look of the bag. (IME)

    In the open space in the middle, I put my wallet and cosmetic pouch.
  11. Nice. Can you also post a pic of the purse closed with the purseket inside? Thanks.
  12. Have to digg around but not too bad I am used to the Bal day and that really is a bottomless pit but sooo soft and slouchy that I just love it.
    I am using the small compartiment for keys and cell , my wallet is the LV zippy organizer which is huge so no problem finding that...
  13. Thanks guys - I've think you've convinced me. The spy is just too beautiful to miss out on!! I'm thinking about getting in Navy, any opinions?
  14. I also have always liked a little more structured bag with lots of pockets. But since I loved the look of the spy bag and the light weight of it I decided to give it a try. Oh how I love this bag. It is so beautiful and it feels so good to carry. I do have to dig around a bit, but as others have said it is worth it. I still kind of wish it had just one little bitty pocked inside. Oh well....
  15. The navy is beautiful. Love how it becomes purple in the sun...