Fendi Spy Tan VS. Honey?? Whats the difference?

  1. Does the Tan Spy exist I dont understand?
  2. Is the tan fake? Whats going with the couours??
  3. seriously
  4. I think there is a tan and there is a honey color. Let me see if I can find the pics of both colors.
  5. i believe the tan/caramel is from an older year. the honey is from this season and is a much richer, more vivid, prettier color (in my opinion).

    i believe personalshoppers has a caramel for sale right now on eBay.
  6. Thanks bella I own a chocolate, but want a lighter colour am a little confused of difference..thanks:yes: :love:
  7. Thanks Mpark I think the tan has the same colour handles as well as the leather on the bag, there are so many artificials it is confusing:rolleyes:
  8. Eeskanda--Didn't you return the chocolate because it was fake?
  9. Here you go. The first one is tan and the secon pic is honey.:love:
    spy.jpg 12010585986.jpg
  10. Yeap, I confirm that. I've seen them both and they are not the same color.
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