Fendi Spy sunnies!

  1. Hey all, not sure if there is a thread on these yet...anyone have these? I know, I know, it's almost winter and not very sunny BUT these were too cute to resist so I just HAD to get them as I was pounding away on the keyboard doing my Christmas shopping!

    LMK if anyone has any feedback on these...


    XXXOO PGal
  2. I think Saich just got these -- they look nice. I can't believe it's taken Fendi this long to come out with Spy sunnies!
  3. Yeah Saich's look amazing.... I would LOVE a pair. The squarish look actually looks good on me.
  4. Thanks, girls! I would LOVE to see Saich's pair as I know she's the Queen o' Spies...saich are you out there? ITA the squarish shape will be great as my face is pretty full and round. Oopsie this will be my 3rd pair of Fendi sunnies but oh well!! :heart::nuts:
  5. Yes I have just bought these, they match my new LE Zucca, they come in Black and Brown. I got the brown pair. They cost nearly $400 or £192
    137_3731.JPG 137_3732.JPG
  6. ^^ Gorgeous, Saich! These were about US$300 so we'll see how they look when they arrive...sometimes the oversize frames don't hit well on my face b/c I have full cheeks but I love my other Fendi sunnies and couldn't resist these!

    Yours are TDF!!!
  7. I wish they came in green
  8. congrats on the awesome sunnies!
  9. Green would be stunning.
    I love big SG very JackieO, they tend to suit my face. These SG are lovely, they are very dark which is great when you are outside as stops the glare from the US sun (need them for my Vegas Hols.....lol) .
  10. ^^ ITA green would be amazing!

    Ooh I can't wait to see how these work for me...if they do they are DEFINITELY coming along on my Vegas vacay in January!!
  11. OMG :nuts:! I need to have them!!!!!!!!!
  12. i tried these on at Nordstrom last week - SUPER cute...but in the end i chose another pair because the angles of the frame at the nose really highlight the lines of your nose and angle away from it, whereas i prefer sunnies to just sit on my nose and not draw all the attention there. i think it depends on the face definitely - another girl would look awesome with these!
  13. They are cute!!!
  14. I'm definately in themarket for new sunnies but would have to actually try on rather than order online. Those are really cute though