Fendi Spy Snowglobe Competition

  1. Ok so here is my Fendi spy snowglobe competition. Which one of you lucky ladies is going to win it :yahoo:

    To enter you must just promise one thing, who every wins must not sell it on eBay.

    The competition is in 3 parts and will run till 18th July.

    You need to give 2 answers to the questions, plus you need to say why you want to win the snowglobe, this is so that if more than one person guess the correct answers the reason why you want the snowglobe comes into play and who ever gives the best answer will win.

    Here are your 2 questions.

    1. In the snowglobe water their is 2 other things floating around inside besides the snow. What are they? (its not the bag)

    2. How much does the snowglobe weigh, in pounds and ounces please.

    Then give a reason why you want the snowglobe in 20 words or less.


    1. Also in the water is a frog and an ice cube:roflmfao:
    2. 3 pounds 2 ounces
    I want to win because I want this to add to my collection.

    Good Luck everyone, will post the snowglobe to the winner.
    135_3567.JPG 135_3568.JPG 135_3570.JPG 135_3571.JPG 135_3569.JPG
  2. Saich, do you mean 18 July or 18 August? The 18th has already passed.
  3. Whoops, meant 18th August - still suffering with jet lag.......he he

    Couple of clues - the snowglobe is quite heavy and whats in the water has todo with this type of spy bag.

    Good luck
  4. Where can I buy a snowglobe like this? I know I will never win. Please tell.
  5. Come on ladies, does no one want to try and win the snowglobe, you only have to make 2 guess on here and tell me why you would like it.
  6. Ok here's my guess:

    1. In the water is a white FF symbol and a white pearl

    2. I have the urge to say 3 pounds 2 ounces...ok...4 lbs

    3. I want this snowglobe because I love fendi, especially the spybags and it will remind me of my appreciation for tpf and its helpful and generous members such as yourself![​IMG]
  7. 1. white F symbols and white crystals
    2. 3 pounds 2 ounces

    My son loves snowglobes and we'll enjoy looking at this one together! He will be amazed at the Spy inside!
  8. 1. white Fendi Logo F's & bag is sitting on hard hologram tag?
    2. 3lbs 6oz
    3. I know I just got into Fendi, but I have loved (and will continue to love) Fendi forever, plus, its so cute!
  9. Need more guesses. Its a lot heavier than it looks.
  10. Heavier than 4? Maybe 6 then? Don't know if I can change my answer..Cmon people PLAY!
  11. Yay, I want to play, here are my guesses:

    1. White Fendi F's and a nylon cube
    2. 5 lbs. 5 oz.
    3. I love snowglobes, I adore spies, my favorite color is red, and what a lovely reminder of tPF Fendi ladies!
  12. 1. White F logo & a hologram
    2. 5lbs 3oz
    3. By looking at the snowglobe, it makes me reminisce the times during X'mas in the French Alps, where everyone in the family comes together in front of the fireplace and have a good time!