Fendi Spy Shoes

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  1. Hi Fendi Lovers,

    I am looking for the fendi spy peep toe shoe to go with my baby spy. Does anyone know where I can find these shoes? Where they are sold? Department store, online, where ever?

  2. i got mine from the fendi boutique.
  3. adding: i think they had them on styledrops or something like that at one point, but I don't think I've ever seen them at a department store or on a dept store's website. they also had some on bluefly at one point.
  4. thanks so much ladies. I tried putting them in a google search but nothing comes up. I don't believe there is a fendi boutique near me. i live in VA. Do you know of one near this area?
  5. Don't think there is one near. Probably the closest is in NYC. They will ship things to you if you know what you want.
  6. Agree with everything Lit said. They had chocolate ones on Styledrops a while back and blueberry ones on Bluefly as well. I bought mine from the boutique (interstate, they'll courier) but depending on what colour you want (i.e. if it's seasonal) they might not have it.

    Still kicking myself for not getting the spy sandals as well....
  7. Make sure you check out the return policy before making a purchase from the boutique.
  8. When I was at the Fendi boutique in bangkok they had Ivory spy shoes on 50% sale... is that the case at all boutiques?
  9. The outlets have the flat spy sandal in white, cognac, and denim. If you like the sandal.
  10. I have been after the heel sandle spy shoes for ages, but just cannot find them in my size
  11. ^^ agreed! I wanted the heels bad but they didn't have them in my size.

    However i do like those spy charms for your cellphone :biggrin: They are braided leather with a little mirror on the end :biggrin: