Fendi Spy, Satchel & Hobo at Bloomingdale's Orlando

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  1. Saw three Fendi Spy Hobos today - white, zucca print w/ brown leather, and black. Also saw one regular Spy in black and the Spy satchel in black.

    Phone Number is 407-264-2400

  2. do you happen to know what the white spy hobo cost?
  3. I didn't ask to see it, so I'm not sure how much it was. Sorry :shame: But, it was a pretty big size. I thought of you when I posted this, since you said you wanted a white hobo :biggrin: I could always call for you and find out, that way it's not long distance for you :biggrin: (trying to do as little work as possible today!).
  4. lol if you wanted to call, i wouldn't say no, but i have voice over ip phone service so i don't pay long distance. but....my boyfriend is here and he would kill me for calling about another bag...so if you have a free minute i would love you for it :heart:
  5. Okey-doke, I'll post the price in a few minutes :biggrin: I understand about the bf thing :lol:
  6. yay i :heart: cristina!
  7. It's $1160. Now go call and order it! :nuts: It's very pretty, and much bigger than I thought.
  8. ooo! i thought it was like 1300, that's a pleasant surprise! and i would call but i'm waiting for my mother to mail me my replacement CC so my hands are tied until she decides to help me out (my parents' house is still my billing address, so that's where my entire life gets mailed to, unfortunately).

    eek i want it so bad...

    thanks so much for calling for me! i :heart: you!
  9. No problem :nuts: Anything to keep me from doing work :P Hope you get your CC soon! The black spy has been sitting there for a while, so maybe they're not very popular around here and the hobo will still be here when you get it :biggrin:
  10. let's hope so! they haven't been sited very many places...
  11. The honey satchel is at Neiman Marcus in Millenia as well! An SA called me yesterday about it, but after seeing the black one at Bloomingdale's I decided it wasn't my thing...
  12. Yeah, the black one I saw wasn't too appealing. The hobo is much nicer.
  13. The SA told me that if you have a bloomies account, you can pre-sale the bag for a fund raiser they are having on 2/23 and get 15% off. Ask for Jenny. Nice discount on a great bag!