fendi spy satchel back on elux......

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  1. and the honey color is gorgeous........if i didn't have other bags in mind i'd jump on it at $1300

  2. Also, the new denim spy and the denim hobo!
  3. Aww.. so cute, I love the little spy bags.
  4. I'm surprise that the denim hobo is quite cheap... around $800? :weird: Well, at least Fendi knows how to price according to their material but not just by name.
  5. not my first choice, i like the hologram hobo the best.
  6. I don't like the Spy at all, but that honey color really is gorgeous.
  7. the more i look at the satchel, the more i like it! especially the color
  8. LOVE the denim spy hobo....eeek but i don't have any money....i feel like i should jump on it though...ahhh!
  9. Does anyone think that zipper pull tab is freakishly large?
  10. Oooh, thanks for the heads up, jc. I like this more than I like the regular spys, it that weird?
  11. It is cute but it still reminds me of Tom-Kat's "baby" (if they do have one).
  12. Agreed, what were they thinking?
  13. Me too!! I just don't know if I want another 'spy-related' bag. It's so freakin' pretty though!
  14. holy moly. I'm not a fan of the regular spy but the spy satchel is GORGEOUS.

    it looks like it'll suit me too since it's not so big. ahh to get or not to get....
  15. Cute but I prefer the classic spy :biggrin: