FENDI SPY SALE $499 only!!!!!!!!!read on...

  1. Attention to all fendi spy bag fans or to whoever who wants to be an owner of a spy bag for only a low price of $499 plus tax!!!!!
    i was at Barney's yesterday in rodeo drive beverly hills..they were marking down their fendi spy in black green red in the waterproof puffy material..
    it was retailed $1495 to $955+ and now only $499!!!!!!!!
    so hurry if you want one!!!!!!!!!good luck and i hope someone who wants it is able to get it..........i hope this is useful...:nuts:
  2. WOW!! Now THAT IS DEFINITELY A STEAL! I guess the waterproof (is that the moncler??) isnt really popular..
  3. Does anyone have a pic of this particular style or leather?
  4. wow...good deal...did u get one? do u know how many they have left?? thx
  5. Honestly, the first thing I thought of was trashbag. I'd rather spend the 2k to get the leather.
  6. I dont really like it.
  7. ITA!!! :yes:
  8. eek...scary
  9. Its so poofy!! What the Heck??
  10. Not too crazy about the Moncler!
  11. I don't think I will spend $49.99 on that bag...maybe $19.99.
  12. I got excited when i saw the title ...then I realized it was the trash bag spy. Darn it :yucky:
  13. I know...it's a great price but the Moncler line just did not take off at all. It just looks really funky...and not in a good way.
  14. me too! oh well...too bad. :shrugs: