Fendi SPY: Question about the tube compartment

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  1. HI! I have a 2005 cognac fendi spy that I am trying to authenticate. I am wondering about the lipstick tube compartment/ small compartment on the front of the bag. When you turn it over (upside down), what does it say? Should it say "MADE IN ITALY" or "FENDI MADE IN ITALY" or something else entirely?
    ANy input would be greatly appreciated. I really was certain this bag was authentic but now I am not sure. Please let me know what your definitely authentic bags say.

  2. Hi...mine says Made in Italy. Hope this helps....
  3. Back side on mine only says MADE IN ITALY.
  4. my 2006 chocco says
  5. All three of my SPYs say made in Italy on the bottom and Fendi on the front:
    holospy.jpg holospy1.jpg metallicspy1.jpg metallicspy.jpg wisteriaspy.jpg wisteriaspy1.jpg
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