Fendi Spy Or Spy Satchel?

  1. I am having a hard time choosing which one can any of you be of assistance?
    D0431039408336_v1_m56577569831198368.jpg p10913970_ph_hero.jpg
  2. I like the spy satchel!! Get that one so I can drool over your photos! ;)

    Btw, I think this thread is in the wrong section.
  3. I say the classic spy, but it depends what you'll be using it for.
  4. I realized that after I posted it. What was I thinkin? I'll be carrying it when I go to family get togethers, going out, shopping and everything else.:nuts:
  5. Do you like big bags or medium size bags? If you like it big, then go for the regular spy. Personally, I like the satchel size but then that's just me. Why don't you go to the store and try on both and see which one you'll like.
  6. We only have a Saks down here (New Orleans) and since the hurricane they have not reopened.
  7. Definitely, try it on....the sizes are really different. I preferred the regular spy because I love big bags, it's great for everyday stuffings. The satchel was nice too, though...:weird: decisions..decisions!
  8. Uggghhhhhhhh! I Can't Seem To Make Up My Mind.
  9. i think the classic spy looks better but it is sooo huge that i'd probably settle for the satchel.
  10. The regular Spy is more interesting. I bought one in honey as well! LOVE it!
  11. Try it in person and see which one looks best on you. I have the regular dark brown spy and love it very much and still in lots of love with it!
  12. I love the Spy!
  13. the regular spy looks much better. the little one has a huge tab that just looks odd.
  14. def. the Spy
  15. Classic. That side pull tab on the satchel looks almost like a clunky price tag.