Fendi Spy or rare Balenciaga?

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  1. I have a green spy and want to sell it in order to get a rare Balenciaga. The green spy is gorgeous but I like shoulder bags - this one works fine in the warmer months but not for the looong falls and winter where I live. Which one would be more practical/versatile and holds its value? The Balenciaga would be a rare black first/classique OR a rose city. Not sure which one yet - but I'm leaning towards the black first.

    I'd love any thoughts, thanks girls! :nuts:
  2. Bal Black First.
  3. Black Balenciaga, please....:tup:
  4. Oooooh, no doubt the Balenciaga. How can you not love that bag!!!
  5. The first won't fit as much as the spy so if you don't mind the fact that the bag will hold less, go for a black first. I have both bags (no city. YET!:graucho:) and love them both. I find that I use the spy more in the fall/winter months (mine is cognac) vs first is used more in the summer (it's apple green). I would normally suggest a city but you say you want the bag to take you through the long winter months so I don't think rose will do (unless you don't mind using rose color in the winter).
  6. Black bal, definitely!
  7. I vote for Balenciaga rose City.
  8. Black first! im eyeing one as well...
  9. Balenciaga!!!!
  10. another vote for balenciaga!
  11. No contest -- Balenciaga.
  12. Definitely Balenciaga
  13. Balenciaga!!
  14. well y'all have made this very EASY for me, so thank you LOL> Black bal it is. I'll post it when I her. Thanks again!
  15. Glad you're going with the black Bal. That woud've been my vote.