Fendi Spy or LV Manhattan GM


Feni Spy or Manhattan GM

  1. Fendi Spy

  2. Manhattan GM

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  1. I know these are two totally different bags but I only have enough money for one and that won't be until April. Which bag do you think I should choose and why? I also posted in LV to be fair.
  2. since this is a fendi thread you'll get more spy votes....i did that same thing too. you gotta just get both. you can find good deals on both spy and GM on eBay if you loook really hard.
  3. i vote the spy all the way! Not a lot of people have the spy. Where I come from, lv is just all over the place but not the spy.
    Once I got my spy, i forgot about my lv's and only had eyes for my spy.
  4. I will go with the spy, not because I'm bias with the brand but comparing both bags, I will still prefer the spy.
  5. Spy, just because I def think that's the most amazing bag on earth!
    Nothing is more sexy than a spy (my opinion of course)
  6. fendi spy coz of the very soft buttery leather that's tdf!! there are only a few ladies who own one. unlike the LV monogram, not many people can recognize the fendi spy - only if you're a certified bag addict.....
  7. You would only hear me voting for a spy.....LOL
  8. you can trust Saich2 she's the queen of spy bags.:yes:
  9. The best thing is to just decide on WHAT YOU THINK FITS YOU BETTER. Can you see yourself carrying a spy bag with many different outfits? Or will the LV Manhattan be great as well? It all boils down to YOUR own decision!! I don't understand why you gotta let others make decisions for you!

  10. A lot of people, including myself, often ask other peoples opinion on which outfit to get, bag, shoes, its something we do, their is nothing wrong with that.

  11. Angy you are so sweet.......:queen:
  12. I totally agree with Sacih don't you make shoping with your girlfriends?
    I do it All the time.
  13. i'm still going to stick with my vote... GET BOTH!!!! :graucho:

    oh, and FYI, once you have 1 spy, you can't stop .....
  14. Well, I'm just saying that it's up to her to which bag she wants or feels is best for her. Personally, I like the Spy better... And I don't fancy the LV monogram that much.. Of course everyone is entitled to ask opinions on stuff, I was just saying that it is ultimately her own decision. thanks.
  15. GM is just another Louis Vuitton bag. Spy is a "revolution" one, in my opinion.