Fendi Spy or Dior Gambler?

  1. Hello everyone,

    Which one do you think is better:

    1) multi F fendi spy?
    2) Large pink python dior gambler?
    3) Neither :P

    I want to get something fun but I can only get one right now. Help! Any thoughts on this?

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!
    dior gambler.jpg multi F spy.jpg
  2. Honestly..neither..They are very loud..BUT I am just a boring mommy!!I have a plain black leather spy..AND I find its a more practical purchase than some of these multi colored bags out there..Personal preference..If you love one...get it..ITS FOR YOU! NOT US!
  3. I like the Dior best. There's nothing like a bright and cheery bag to brighten up a blah day. I should know - it's been raining here non-stop for nearly a week and rain be darned - I had to break out my ocean blue MK Palm Beach today just for a little pick me up :rolleyes:
  4. I, personally don't care for that particular Spy bag. If you are spending the money, there are much prettier ones.
  5. I like the Dior better.
  6. The Gambler will be funky and fun for years. The Fendi will just look weird and dated as time goes by... That's my two cents.
  7. I'm sorry, but I think the colorful multi-F spy bag is the ugliest thing. But that's just me, cos I prefer safe, neutral bags. If you want something dramatic, go for it. I think spys are a better buy over Diors anytime.
  8. I vote for neither...
  9. The Spy .. or neither.. :P

  10. i'm not a mommy but I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! i like my bags to last. both seem like fad bags.
  11. D&G sorry - I always associate you with impeccable taste and you have an amazing bag selection. I hate to say this but I would go neither as well - sorry!

    If pushed to pick one it would be the Dior but in reality it would be neither.
  12. I vote for Dior Gambler. =)
  13. My vote is also for the Dior Gambler I have the one in the pic and love it. I also love the multi spy! Both bags are Rockstar and totally Fabulous!
  14. Well, obviously I'm gonna have to say the Fendi Spy. ;)
  15. The spy For me too:

    first because I think this spy is lovely.

    second because I totaly love the spy bag in general.

    This particular spy is fun and original, I love it!
    So go for the spy girl!