Fendi Spy or Chloe Python Silverado??

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  1. If you had to choose between the first season's Chloe brown python silverado (like Sienna's and Kirsten's) or the Fendi discontinued Cognac large spy bag...which one would you choose??
  2. That's such a tough choice ... I have a cognac spy and though I love it to death, I would try to find the Chloe brown python silverado. I have always wanted that python silverado!! Try to find the python silverado first:smile:
  3. The Fendi spy. I have it in cognac and I love it. Although I have had problems with the leather rubbing off where the hardware meets.
  4. To be honest i think the Chloe Python is hideous.
    It's just a bunch of skin of an animal that they don't really need to kill in the first place.
    I'd get the Fendi :yes:
  5. I'd go with the Fendi.
  6. I have Chloe bags but in this case I thnk you should go for the Fendi.
  7. Spy
  8. Fendi Spy
  9. silverado
  10. Spy
  11. which bag shape do you like better? I personally like the Silverado better, so that would help my decision!
  12. SPY for me!
  13. i think i'd go with the spy as well
  14. ITA! Fendi, every time!
  15. Spy definitely!