Fendi Spy or BV Ball Bag - which one-HELP

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  1. I bought the BV ball bag last weekend. The Fendi Spy in honey just arrived at my house today from Saks. I've bought so many bags recently that I'm thinking I should only keep one of these bags being that they are both costly. The BV was $1,880 and the Spy was $2075. Which bag should I keep and which bag should I return. I pretty much have enough everyday bags and evening bags so I don't really NEED anything in particular. Please help me decide. I can't seem to choose. Here is a pic of my BV ball bag. I've also posted a [​IMG]pic of the Spy from Saks' website.
  2. I like the BV bag better than the Spy- I am just not a fan of the spy bag. And you will have the BV bag forever- it is a true classic!
  3. I would always pick the BV over the spy. It's so much more classy. I love it!!
  4. Though I like the Spy, I think the BV is a classic bag that you'll use more. I love the shape and the woven leather :love:
  5. Ball bag all the way! Kat--is that the noche/hazelnut color? Does it have like an icy blue or pale aquagreen suede lining like the one that's on the BV website?
  6. Yes, that's the one. It is a beauty!!!:love:
  7. BV!!! Although the Spy is gorgeous, I think the BV has more staying power.
  8. Get the BV ball bag! It's beautiful :love:
  9. I know it's got to be tough to choose out of these two. It would be hard for me too. I probably would have gotten the chocolate BV to avoid all confusion and uncertainty! Ha ha!:lol:

    But, of the two - I'd choose the BV.
  10. Wow, two that have been on my list for awhile but both just a little more than what I am comfortable paying so I empathize with your dilema. It's a quality/quantity decision for me.
    I personally would be happier in the long run with the BV. I think that I would tire sooner of the Spy- it screams for attention while the Ball bag just hums a steady tune.
  11. i agree that BV would stay more.. but i am not a fan of it..:oh:
    while i am so:huh::huh::huh::huh: in love with that rich honey color spy!! the color is just amazing.. i would say keep the spy!! use it for as long as it lasts.. its such a lovely color!:love:
  12. You guys that responded so far seem to think I should keep the BV. My only hesitation is that I could probably get the BV later on, but I don't think that will be the case with the honey Spy. I was told by the SA that the honey color is a limited edition. What to do ....
  13. if you have alot of classic handbags already, i say keep the spy. it is trendy and the color is lovely. you are right the BV will still be available in the future if you still want it. the spy is sooooooooo difficult to get. good luck;)
  14. Honestly-The honey Spy is still for sale on line at Saks.com....The SA's always say that to hook you in!
    Personally-I would keep the Spy bag-Although I am not a big BV fan.....I think it is so much nicer......Good Luck!
  15. Can you ebay some of your less favorite everyday bags so that you can justify keeping both? Some that you don't love?