Fendi Spy or a Miu Miu Coffer

  1. Hi,
    I'm choosing between a distressed brown fendi spy and an olivy green miu miu coffer. I love the punch of colour.

    Which is more classic or will last longer? I've loved them both for the longest time. :heart:

    big decision between the two, :sweatdrop: so was wondering if you could share your opinions/experiences.

  2. I vote for the spy. I've had my wisteria for 1 year now and i love it to pieces. I even had a downpour on my wisteria and there was NO damage. this is seriously the best bag ever!!!
  3. What do you mean "distressed" brown spy? Is it used or new? I know I saw a brown spy listed on a consignment website as "distressed", and it had heavy blushing, which thankfully someone on here pointed out to me before I bought it. I would have been really unhappy with it, and it wasn't clear to me in the pictures due to my inexperience.

    Both are great bags, but I would personally go for the spy. It's just the "distressed" that has me concerned. :smile:
  4. The coffer and the spy are both gorgeous bags but I would choose the spy;)
  5. I was deciding between the two too before I got my Chocolate Spy. I am going to be bias and say the Spy. I love mine to death, it's the best bag ever. I am sure if you post the same thread in the Miu Miu thread, you will get many preferring the Coffer.
    If you can afford both, why not get both of them?
  6. I think I would go with the SPy! :biggrin: Everyone is making me jealous mentioning their choco spys! Pavlova kitty, do you mind me asking where you got yours? :shrugs:
  7. DFS at the Rocks, Sydney.
    The SA that sold me the spy called me yesterday and said they are offering free Fendi Scarfs for Mothers Day. She told me she will put one aside for me to pick up today. How great is she? Not that I am a mother but hey FREE SCARF! I can't wait to go and pick it up.
  8. Here the pic of her joanniii
    Fendi Spy_Front View_tPF.jpg Fendi Spy_Angle View_tPF.jpg
  9. Both! I have the chocco spy and the Silver coffer! Different colours and different look yet similar shape in a way.... Chocco Spy for work and more informal seminars /meetings (to hold everything) and Silver Coffer for evenings or with full black and dark wash bootcut jeans + 3" heels!
  10. Wow... That's really nice of your SA! I guess she also probably hopes you'll be shopping with them again (which I am sure you will!).
  11. Spy all the way.... 110%

  12. I think the Miu Miu coffer is absolutely adorable, but it lacks the staying power of the SPY. The Spy is already considered a classic. I don't think the same will be thought of the coffer. Just my opinion though. In the end, I would get the bag you think you'd use the most. ;) Good luck!!! :heart:
  13. Wow really??????? So the Spy is already considered a classic. That's really nice to know, I was worried it an oldie already. I don't care if it's no longer the IT bag as I love my spy so much. I don't think I will fall in love with another bag like the way I have fallen in love with my spy. I am planning to wear mine till I am 99 :rolleyes: (only kidding, I don't think I want to live that long!!!!)

  14. Totally agree, the green Coffer is a stunning bag, but the spy is a Classic. You can never go wrong buying a spy bag soooooooooooo beautiful
  15. Another vote for spy!