Fendi spy on sale in UK

  1. Hi, I would love a Fendi spy but retail of £1,030 is a bit to high fo rme anyone know if they will go down in sale in Uk and if so by how much? Please someone help as I am going to Selfridges on 26th Dec and wanna know if I should be prepared
  2. Selfridges does not to my knowledge have the spy bags in a sale.....but if you ring Harvey Nickols in Edinburgh they do have spies on sale for about £700, I have 2 phone numbers here one of them is HN. 0113 204 8888 or 01216166000. Harvey Nickols in london does not do spies so you have to phone the stores in other parts of the country, if you know which one you want can pay over the phone and they will send it to you. hope this helps.
  3. i read on the independent online that Selfridges is selling the spy now for only £260. However, i believe its probably sold out by now as i did see this crazy woman on tv buying 5 of em!