Fendi Spy on Bluefly.. Anyone want??

  1. Fendi
    brown sateen leather trim 'Spy' bag

    retail value: $1,860.00
    bluefly: $1,488.00
    bluefly: $1,488.00
    you save 20% (in stock now)

    Bluefly - Product Details - #2055955 - Fendi brown sateen leather trim 'Spy' bag

    I've got this in my cart now for the next hour.. Someone let me know if they want it and I can release it..


    Become a double agent in style and luxury with the 'Spy' bag from legendary designers, Fendi.
    • • Color: Brown
    • • Soft sateen with allover stitch detailing and braided leather piping
    • • Short flap with woven leather handle with hidden lighter compartment and wristlet strap
    • • Flap features coin purse with hinge clasp closure
    • • Double woven handles with knot detailing measures approximately 17''
    • • Zucca canvas lining
    • • Handbag measures approximately 16'' at widest x 11'' tall at center x 5'' deep
    • • Fendi style# 8BR511
    • • Leather; Italy; style #2055955
  2. omg thats amazing but I can't justify that for a satin bag
  3. Beware: Bluefly is known for selling fakes.

    I inadvertantly bought a fake Chloe paddington from them in chocolate. It was horrid!!






    I just hate to see anyone give them their hard earned money!!!
  4. ^^Thanks for the reminder HMWE!! I also received a fake paddy from Bluefly fairly recently. Do those pics show that those didn't even have a Chloe inscription on the metal plate or a date code?! :wtf:
  5. Wow!!! I can't believe it. :sad:
  6. ya bluefly is known to sell fakes.
  7. hey Girls,

    Yeah, Blue flt is well known for selling fakes.. But I figured with a satin spy that it coudn't be copied.

    Maybe am wrong??
  8. How can Bluefly actually get away with that? Can't someone shut them down?
  9. omg i cant beleive this i just bought a pair of gucci sandals (havent recieved them yet) and then i find out on the forum they sell fakes at blue fly and make you think its the real thing . they shouldnt get away with this
    :mad: they tricking people and charging way too much they should be shut down
  10. You know you can call your credit card company and do a chargeback if the item is fake. Thats against the law to be selling fake items. You can get your money back that way. I've done it before on fake jeans i have bought off of ebay. Go over to Authenticforum and they can tell you exactly what to do. The admin (Idalis) knows all about it :smile: or you can Pm me and i can help you as much as I can. :smile:
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  12. You guys are beating up an entire organization over one isolated incident involving some handbags. Bluefly is a reputable company (check NASDAQ and the Better Business Bureau). They made one HUGE mistake and it's over.

    I've bought designer goods from them for years and not once have I ever questioned the authenticity. Since that disaster with the bags, Bluefly has become even more vigilant about selling the real deal.

    Now whether anyone cares to believe that or would prefer to keep beating up on them for making a mistake is up to each of you. For myself, I will continue to shop at Bluefly with no worries at all.
  13. I agree with you. I have purchased many items from them without a problem. I doubt they intentionally sold fake bags. They were probably as horrified as everyone else was when they found out. I would not hesitate to purchase anything from them.
  14. ^^^Thank you for those comments, lemongardenia.

    I honestly have gotten very upset at the way Bluefly gets trashed around here. Those posts remind me of the same sort of chaos that happened over the Bloomingdale's sale a few months ago.

    There are plenty of lousy, scamming companies out on the Internet that DO sell fakes. The idea of lumping Bluefly in with them steams me big time!! :cursing:
  15. Well the reason why people around here no longer trust bluefly was not because they made one mistake, that in itself was excusable. However what was inexcusable was the way they handled the incident after it happened. They never appologized and maintained to the end they only sold authentic merchandises. They also gave the buyers hell for trying to get back the original shipping charge on those fakes. There were quite a few threads detailing these experiences on the Balenciaga forum a while back and yes they sold a batch of fake Balenciaga bags too.