Fendi Spy--New Black

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  1. I just got a black Spy from Saks yesterday and the leather is really soft and somewhat smooth. It does have that turtle skin look but not as clear and thick(leather/texture) as my dark brown one.

    What is going on here? Could someone explain it to me. Thanks.
  2. Post a pic..I have a black spy from Saks too...dont understand what you are asking???
  3. I don't have a digital camera. The leather is really soft, it's like lambskin...not like the dark brown one I have.

    It is not pebbly like that at all...very vague though.
  4. I found the black spys are typically more "smooth", less textured than the brown-tone spys.
  5. wow, BTBF, your new black spy looks beautiful
  6. No, that's not my new Spy. I took that picture from a member here to show that mine does not look like that.
  7. Yes, when I touch the black one and then touch the brown one, one feels really soft and the other is really rough...it's like two different types of leather.
  8. since they're made out of natural materials, i wouldn't be alarmed by little variations in the leather feel. different skins may work better with different dyes, or they may have changed leather suppliers from season to season if your two spys are from different seasons. in fact, i think i've heard something about two different leather varieties being available for spys, but i don't know much about that.
  9. deleted
  10. On the card, under the ref. number it has "2006/2" Wonder what does that mean? Made in February 2006?
  11. BTBF, I wouldn't worry too much about it. The spy texture is "embossed" somehow, and it varies a great deal from bag to bag. I have two bags from S/S 05 (green and sequinned) and there's hardly any texture on the leather at all compared to my petrol.
  12. I see. Thanks! At first I thought they sent me a used one.
  13. i think the black spy is softer than the browns. it is definitely softer than my cognac one
  14. They changed the leather they used.. I forgot from what to what exactly, but that changed it, because the older one scuffed easier and alot of people complained about it. Like my cousin in law has an older one, and hers looks beat up and scuffed for days, and the SA told me they changed it.
  15. Thanks!