Fendi Spy (Leather)

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  1. Cognac, Black, White, Honey...and what are the other colors? Does anyone know?

  2. Petrol, the taupe vintage leather, damn my memory is failing me now!
  3. dark green ...

    for nonleather, they have the denim with embroidery, canvas strip, velvet...
  4. Is Cognac the same thing as dark brown? Does it come in a brown version?

    Thanks again.
  5. cognac is dark brown, lighter brown will be honey.
  6. there's also the darker brown chocolate color
  7. Dark brown and cognac are different colors. Dark brown is a rich dark chocolate color with dark brown leather handles (I have this one). Cognac is slighter lighter, although also dark. The handles are a little lighter brown so the contrast is there. I had a hard time choosing between the two but decided on the more elegant color. Honey is a caramel color.
  8. So when it says a brown spy...does that mean it's the "dark brown" one?

    I am confused.
  9. When you say brown spy, you could refer to either the dark brown or cognac. It's two different colors, so you need to know which one you are referring to. I believe they are both in the catelogue so you can see the contrast.
  10. IMO, no. There are only stock photos, a usual sign of fake bags.
  11. Thanks!
  12. interesting, i did not know that before... i always thought cognac is the dark brown... hmm, now i am confused, do i actually fell in love with the cognac or the dark brown??? :love:
  13. I was confused too, until I went down to the boutique and saw them both side by side. Here's what the dark chocolate looks like: