Fendi Spy Leather...all different finishes?

  1. I have recently purchased a beautiful Black Spy which has got very bubbly leather! I had never really noticed it before. The ones I have seen in Fendi have too, but not quite as prominent as mine! Although having seen a few pictures I realise the black spys do have a more textured leather...or is it just me?? I haven't got my camera at the moment, but will get some pics soon....would love to hear what you gals think about the different types of leather Fendi use for their Spys!
  2. HA4Ever, I think the spys are produced with all types of leather variations-the most desired being the "turtle-ly/turytle-like" and "pebble-y" texture, or "bubbly" as you called it. My petrol has that type of texture as well and I love it as it differs on all sides of the bag (front and back and sides).
  3. That's true. Black, dark brown, cognac, petrol, green - they all have turtle-y leather. It is when you see a very smooth one for those colors that you have to be suspicious.
  4. i think i've seen some smoother older spies...
  5. Thanks for your input girls, I much prefer calling it "turtle-y leather" now, that describes it best! The leather on these bags is what makes them so amazing and luxurious.
  6. My black spy is pebbly too