FENDI spy in or out?

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  1. i am saving up to get a spy..and i'm in love with the hologram fendi spy bag.The fendi spy bag started appearing last year and i was wondering do you think it is still in or out??do you think i should save up for another bag??(name the brand and style please if you have something in mind)..i really need some opinions cause i don't want to get the spy and then just end up using it for a while and then not using it anymore since it is so called "out" of the season..thankssss guyssssssss...
  2. Definitely IN!!!
  3. I consider it "In" still even though I don't like the bag.
  4. if you like the spy, then i would say continue to save up for it. anyway, in la (i notice you live here too) i continually see people carrying around there spys (at school, on the streets, at stores, etc.).
  5. Do you only like it if it is considered in? (Your post reads as though you might no longer like the bag, if you discovered that it was 'out').

    If you love the bag, you should get it (if you love it for itself, I mean). If you love it because it is 'in', then maybe you should reconsider.

    Hope this is of some help!
  6. Keep saving! The bag is amazing! I just got mine (chocolate brown) a few months back and am in love with it! Don't worry about if it's "in". If YOU like it - get it!
  7. IN ... but even if it's out, I'll still be carrying mine around.
  8. I don't know about you but, I'm going to carry my Spy bag till I can't carry it anymore and even then it'll be hanging over my walker! I consider the Spy bag as a classic so, it will be "in" season after season along with LV Speedy 25/30, Hermes Birkin and all the other classics.
  9. Same here:biggrin: . I love my dark brown spy, I am thinking of buying another one.:love: :love: :love:
  10. I think you should buy a bag you LOVE and not worry too much about it being "in" or "out." These high-end bags are costly and you will be using it hopefully for years. Buy what you LOVE.
  11. If you LOVE the bag, it doesn't matter if it's in or out. But since you asked the question, I'll be honest. I think the Spy is fading in terms of being an "it" bag--but for me, that's a good thing. I get turned off by the "it" bags generally...

    I don't know how much you've saved up, but I know Fayden is considering selling her hologram spy. It's only a few months old, it's the real thing and still looks new. Take a look in the marketplace and you'll see her post....
  12. Not that I care what others think as far as my bag being in or out......nonetheless, I say the Spy is still "in"
  13. It's IN.
  14. Thankss for the replies..it's really helpful...
    Not that i won't carry my bag if it's not in..Personally i love the spy and have been wanting to get one eversince..Then i found out that fayden was selling hers..and i think i'm going to get it from her!!!I love the hologram and it's such a coincidence that she's selling hers..i hope i will get it from her..*fingers crossed*..
    Nyways i was saying..i think i'll get the bag no matter if it's in or out..i love it..The thing is it's kind of pricey so i just wanted to make sure that i won't regret it.I hope i'll get it soon..Wish me luck guysssssssssss...;)i'll update you guys if i get it alright..thanks again..love you guys to itsy bitsy teeny weeny pieces..muaaaaaaah:love:
  15. Its still a cute bag :biggrin: I had one and wish that it wasnt defective.