Fendi Spy in dark chocolate or CD Gaucho in medium brown

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  1. I have to pick one or the other! :Push: What would you ladies pick? I need an everyday bag that would look fabulous at night too. Fendi spy bag in dark chocolate or Christian Dior Medium Gaucho in Brown? My Husband is allowing me to get any bag I want because he lost a bet with me! I need help ladies! I don't usually spend this much and my collection is pretty small. Valentino, Luella bartley, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, and a miu miu. I would like my next purchase to be fabulous, because I haven't been buying anything since I got married! :love: Please help me out ladies. Which would you pick? :cry:
  2. The Fendi spy :love:
  3. fendi spy for day to night usage, the dior gaucho is just too casual for evening use.
  4. hmm... i personally would go with the spy. But i think both are pretty casual bags so idk about at night for either of them... lol very tough decision but lucky you will wind up with a great bag either way! ;)
  5. SPY definetly
  6. Thank you guys SOOO MUCH!!!!!! This really helps.
  7. I have both of those exact bags! :biggrin: If you want something for day and night, go with the spy. The gaucho in brown is very, very casual. The dark choc spy is a very nice shade that I feel can be dressed up or down.
  8. You must get the Fendi Spy, it's a classic and it's sooo beautiful for day and night use...you won't be sorry!
  9. :wacko:
  10. You are a really really lucky girl!!! I am so jealous of you! I really want both, but it seems like everyone knows which is the better one except me! Hahaha... Thank you so much for your replies. It really helps.:P
  11. I agree, the spy did a lot more for me than the gaucho did looks wise. I also liked the size of the spy, you could fit your life in there!
  12. I'm not a Spy fan, but I say the Spy over the Gaucho. Not to throw a wrench into your decision making... But ever consider a BV ball bag in chocolate brown? I think that's a purse that can be dressed up or down too....

    saks.com has them 10% off with the "SHOPFEB" code. Don't want to confuse you, but want you to make an "informed" decision.
  13. I agree here - if you could have one fabulous bag, I would go BV. Although - if I could only choose between spy and gaucho, I'd go spy!
  14. I spent all day on Saturday looking at the Gaucho, and decided that I'm going to get in (Large - double) in the Red color. However, I have to agree with the gals here ... if given the choice, I would go with the SPY. While I love the Gaucho, it will look great with Jeans ... but the SPY can be dressed up or down. Plus, I still think that it's the MOST COMFORTABLE bag of all to carry on the shoulder. Believe me, I stuff my bags to the gills, but the Spy is so soft & mushy that it doesn't give my shoulder any pain. It's a wonderful bag!
  15. SPY SPY SPY SPY !!!!No doubt about it between these two bags.