Fendi Spy in Black Satin

  1. Hi Ladies ...

    well, i 1st saw the new hobo version in black satin and wished if there was a spy that comes in this material & color, i was surfing the net and went to styledrops.com and guess what :nuts: its there for $1799

    im reallly considering it as my next purchase (within 2-3 months, as some of u may know, im broke + surgery soon), since i have no pure black bag yet, it seems practical and easy to take care of .. but i still need ur opinions about it , specially that it comes in SATIN, never had a bag in that material ?? yet i still adore anything *SPY* i already have one in petrol and its one of my DEAREST BAGS, soo practical and eye catching:heart: and i would LOVE to have another spy in dif color.

    i'lll call paris boutique within few hours and check its price/availibility * much cheaper than my local boutique* and i'lll update back ...

  2. That is BEAUTIFUL! Good pick. :yes: I hope you are able to get it.
  3. That is GORGEOUS!!! But will it be hard to maintain?
  4. Beautiful...but (speaking as the new owner of a black Spy - all leather) isn't that expensive for a bag that is mostly fabric? Don't get me wrong...I have LVs that are NOT leather, except for trim...but I also wonder about care and longevity of the bag. Of course, it might hold up just fine, depending on how often you use it, etc..

    Good luck with your decision!
  5. I still prefer the leather versions, but that's just me! ;)

  6. thank u :flowers: .. i hope that too

  7. thank u Irene :flowers: , i dont know, i hope someOne who has/had bags in such material will be able to tell me how it is to own and maintain a satin bag?

  8. thaaaaank u for pointing to the fabric issue thing, indeed ur right:flowers:

    i'll see more opinions + check the boutique * just woke up:shame: *

  9. thank u for passing by:flowers: i prefer leather too , but to be honest black in satin was more attractive than black leather
  10. i love this texture....it's so different from the other spys...
    buy it!!!:heart:
  11. I got to see this bag IRL and it is in fact GORGEOUS!!!! the satin is a duchesse (spelling?) satin... so it is very thick and luxorious (its what many high end wedding gowns are made from).... so its sheen is very subtle ..... it also comes in a baby version....
  12. :yahoo: squsihy .... do u mind telllling me more about it :yahoo: ?
  13. mischa sweeet heart thanks for passing by, hope u enjoy ur trip to paris :flowers:
  14. I adore it!
  15. I would have to agree, I prefer the leather. I saw the satin ones at the Fendi store in NYC this past weekend, but I ended up with a leather petrol. The satin ones are a little reminiscent of the Prada Nylon. I have a Prada Nylon, which is easy to maintain and great for travel, but I think the Spy remains better in leather.