Fendi Spy... I need MORE MORE MORE!!

  1. :blink: I've become ADDICTED to the spy... I haven't saved up enough for one YET... so please... spoil me... post pictures, storys, what do you use your bags for, what do you carry with you in your bag, great fendi links??
    I check the purseblog fendi forum every 5mins. I've read evey thread and it's just NOT enough for a die hard spy addict.
    plus. :heart: I'm IN LOVE with the Gwen Spy bag (white with red handels)
    I know I will NEVER own one. But i know a FEW of you own the white/black one so please post picture of you wearing them. :yes:
  2. welcome to the Fendu forum:flowers: ...
    im another person who would do anything to own another SPY:roflmfao: i already have on in petrol though .... speaking of the bag's usage, i use it as an everyday bag : university, shopping,saloon ...almost everywhere ..its sooo parctical and it carries alot .. i stuff it with my LV Cherry pochette that includes my neccessary stuff *if i rotate my bags ,i only take the pochette and put it in the new bag, its really efficient and practical* .. i also put my sunglasses + LV wallet * international porte .. not sure of the name's spelling* + bottle of water + pen's case + some papers .... and still i have a free space :shocked:

    best thing about this bag, its being shoulder bag .. i do love hand held ones but its really painful specially if u stuff like i do ..

    what color ur planning to purchase?:amazed:
  3. I would really love a white one, but as I'm planning on using it EVERY WAKING MOMENT, I'm not sure white's a good idea ... and ideas??
    blue would be my second choice... please post a pic of you carrying your TO DIE FOR bag!!!
  4. white is a great color but u would have to rethink about it ... its sensitive and u will have to be really carefull and worried about it getting dirty or darkened ... it would demand special care ... i dont think u will be able to use it everyday since its white ...

    take a look at the Honey one , Choc is reallly great color too ... and they're everyday bags .. several Pf members got them too ..
    Blue might be hard to find nowadays

    as for my pic plz visit my thread 'spy of sufferness' am attaching a pic of it there
  5. :heart: here it is ... sorry for the quality, taken thru phone .. its petrol :flowers:
  6. I'm so jealous of EVEYONE who owns a SPY!!! I'm saving!! Can't wait for the moment I can walk into the fendi store and Leave with a SPY IN MY ARMS... I think I'll cry! :smile:
    anyone have a pic of them carrying the white/black or white/red spy??
  7. hi, im saving up for a spy too -- but for now, i dont know which color to get, they all look so beautiful. I wanted a white but as you guys said, it's not practical. So im leaning towards honey....
  8. sphie-rose, same here ive been saving up for a spy too. hopefully i can get one this year. so many bags so little time....tsk tsk.