Fendi Spy Hobo Bag

  1. What do you think about the Fendi Spy hobo bag?

  2. LOVE IT! Where can I get one?
  3. I like it! Not as much as the original spy, but I do like it. I like that it zips closed. Ya won't hafta worry about your stuff falling out should your bag tip over.
  4. i agree...i definatly like it..its different...but i like the original spy better!!
  5. It's really nice. I tried one on at the store but sadly it looked too small on me (I am 5'8").:sad:
  6. i like it .. however i prefer sticking to the original Spy =)
  7. i dont seem to like it as much as the original spy
  8. Thanks tod...I didn't read thoroughly and overlooked your reply...Hmmm, I thought they were fakers and I have heard of this name around the PF corridors before - like in a bad way!
  9. Are you sure? I found this on the "about us" site:

    Designersimports is an "Internet-Only" company that sell Designer Name fashion items at greatly discounted prices. Our "Internet-Only" approach enables us to cut the overhead cost and offer you brand new, 100% authentic products at the lowest prices you will ever see. All designers items are guaranteed authentic.

    So if they sell fakes in spite of their terms, I'm really sorry!!!! :crybaby:
  10. ^yep, they sale fakes. :sad:
  11. I don't care for it, but it is definetly an option if you are wanting a shouder bag. You can't beat the spy, in my opinion.
  12. realy realy like it.

    I also love the new hobo that is now on eluxury and neimanmarcus
    Can't wait to see some pics posted of a spy hobo bag