Fendi Spy Help Asap!!!


Dec 20, 2005
moe said:
I hear what some of you are saying and i agree to a certin extent. But the Spy is one of those few bags i absoultely adore. You may not all agree but I love the design and the quality. I wouldn't normally get the same bag in 2 even 3 colors but this time i had to make an exception. Any other fellow Spy lovers out there who understands??? No one seems to be making this comment to Balenciaga, Chloe lovers???
Moe, I totally understand what you are saying. I am a spy lover too. Go with your gut feeling. If I love the bag, keep it. You are the person who going to use the bag, and you should know how you feel when you carry the bag;you know the 100% feeling good and in love with the bag. If you you don't have that feeling then you know what to do.

I have a camel spy that I ordered and now is on the way. I already have a dark brown spy already and I know there are many many other bag that I see recently for example VB, Chanel, etc..but what can I say..I just love the spy. I guess it doesn't matter what other people think about why you so in love with the spy bag. You know the feeling and you love it. It's beautiful, unique and the leather is best gorgeous! And you are sure you will use the bag with pride. Oh and I don't just splurge for $2000 something for a bag that I don't crazy in love with. That's all I am going to say!;) :biggrin:


Feb 4, 2006
Congrats on your white spy! I'm sure it's beautiful, my SA at Bloor told me about the white spys being in stock, but I'm not very good with white bags. Congrats again, I understand you wanting another spy ... for the price it is totally worth it!


Feb 23, 2006
that's true. if you love the spy, get more if you can afford it. it's totally reasonable to get a light and dark color one. the white is beautiful.


Jan 10, 2006
thanks ladies i feel soooo much better now. I had no idea why eveyone was saying one spy is enough.....ohwell i don't care i love it and i will buy another spy if it comes in another breath taking color or design!