Fendi Spy Help Asap!!!

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  1. Hi ladies i just got a call that a white and hologram(brown with blue shinning through) fendi spy has came in for me. I was just wondering which one i should go for...keep in mind i already own the cognac spy. I've never ever seen these purses in person so i would really like your feedback! thanks in advance!
  2. Hologram---so cooooool.
  3. I think you would get more use of the hologram, and you wouldn't have to worry about it getting dirty. It gorgeous!
  4. i have pics of my hologram bag, it's beautiful. but since you have the cognac, the hologram is a very close color, sort of like a copper tone. the blue highlights are really pretty though.

    both bags would have to be taken care of. white you can easily dirty, the hologram you can't have water on it or it will ruin. also the striations will come apart eventually with regular wear. so something to think about...
  5. One Spy is enough in my opinion.

    1) Sell the current and buy this
    2) Buy another bag

  6. Ugh Moe, It's going to be stuff on making this choice between the two spy bags. The hologram is gorrgeous but I am not a big fun of it. I have the dark brown regular spy and if I were given the choices I think I would go for the white!
    Good luck. Let us know what you decide!
  7. The hologram looks cool, it gets my vote :nuts:
  8. I think both are really unique, but since the cognac is similar in tone to the hologram, maybe you should go for the white.
  9. I agree.
  10. thanks for the advice. So if water touches the hologram one will it stain or the dye will come off?? i don't really mind cleaning the white its not a super soft leather so it shouldn't be hard to clean...or is it??? I think i might be leaning towards the white as it was my first choice anyways and i read in another thread that the slits on the hologram actually ripped off?!?!?
  11. yep, water will damage the hologram spy. i think it will make the color bleed. or something. i haven't tried that yet! hahaha. and yes the slits (striations) do get damaged and will come off eventually. the hologram will not stay perfect for long... i still love it though. just be extremely careful with it...
  12. I like the hologram, the color is very unique. There are lots of beautiful white bags out there but none will be the hologram color. I know you have the cognac spy already but the hologram would be a nice addition. How much is the hologram? Are you getting it from TO or Vancouver?
  13. hhhmmm, not a fan of the Spys in general, but I thought the hologram was quite beautiful and unique.

    but after hearing about the damage that will inevitably happen, I have to vote for the white. for me, that would prevent me from ever using the hologram, and then what would be the point of having the bag (unless you plan to open a purse museum :biggrin: )?
  14. white for the summer. keep the cognac. i love my cognac. wouldn't trade it for the world. the hologram is beautiful but kind of flashy, no?
  15. Hologram all the way.