Fendi spy glass piece at end cap fixed wrong by Saks

  1. hi,
    as some of you guys know, i had some problems with my fendi spy--the glass/mirror part of the end cap. it was falling off so I bough it over to Saks to have them fixed. I went there twice already and they finally fixed it....however, I just realized that they glued the piece the wrong way. The 'Fendi' word of it is upside down, instead of upright. What should I do??? Please sugges it to me. The SA at Saks that helped me was really nice and I'd hate to bother them again with it. What do you ladies think? Is it even a big deal?? thx
  2. I suggest just going back to them and asking them to fix it proper. No matter how nice they are, it is no excuse to fix something back the wrong way.
  3. Go back. It's too nice and expensive a bag to just say "whatever". Plus they should have fixed it corretly, I mean how do you not notice that it is on upside down. Take it back!
  4. Thanks...I'll try to go back again...the Saks I go to is 1 hour away drive and I hate going there again the FOURTH TIME!!!!!!!! (sigh)...thanks ladies.