Fendi Spy Fan !!! brown or black?

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  1. Hi Ladyes,

    hello from amsterdam Holland!!! first of all SORRY for my english :love:

    im not sure which color to choose from! help me!




  2. By the way, this bag is on ebay and you never know if they are fake or not.. im new in this
  3. I prefer the brown, the black just looks boring to me.
  4. I dont know...brown is so gorgeous..Most wanted color!
    But I have to say that I would go for black, because the brown spy is everywhere. Black spy looks so special to me..I dont know really,
  5. Hi and WeLcOmE :biggrin:

    Br:huh::huh::huh::huh:wn looks sO:huh::huh::huh: gorgeos and fun to have!! My vote would be brown for sure..! :love:
  6. do you think they are fake?????? :Push: i think they are authentic!!!:shame:
  7. I would definitly go for brown, black looks too normal! The brown has nice handles :smile:
  8. mag ik de ebay links hebben ? ik zal voor u ever checken...;)
  9. Such a hard decision. They are both so GORGEOUS!! As much as I love that rich brown, you don't see as many black spy bags. So I'm gonna say black! Life's too short, go ahead and splurge--GET BOTH!!!!! I know, I know , easier said than done!!!!!
  10. Brown :biggrin:
  11. I like brown too!
  12. I like them both, but the brown looks so rich :love:
  13. Out of the two, I would get the brown. But I think the honey color looks the best.
  14. I'd tell you to get brown. I saw a woman with black yesterday and it looked too "blah." It didn't help that she was wearing all black clothes, but it just blended in too much and I thought you lost seeing all the details on the bag...
  15. I say brown!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.