Fendi Spy Fan !!! brown or black?

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Hi Ladyes,

hello from amsterdam Holland!!! first of all SORRY for my english :love:

im not sure which color to choose from! help me!




I dont know...brown is so gorgeous..Most wanted color!
But I have to say that I would go for black, because the brown spy is everywhere. Black spy looks so special to me..I dont know really,
Such a hard decision. They are both so GORGEOUS!! As much as I love that rich brown, you don't see as many black spy bags. So I'm gonna say black! Life's too short, go ahead and splurge--GET BOTH!!!!! I know, I know , easier said than done!!!!!
I'd tell you to get brown. I saw a woman with black yesterday and it looked too "blah." It didn't help that she was wearing all black clothes, but it just blended in too much and I thought you lost seeing all the details on the bag...
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