Fendi Spy experts, please help

  1. Hi all Fendi Spy experts, I am planning to buy a Fendi Spy bag but would like to find out whether this bag belongs to the long term / classic / forever collection. I am into classic bags because they lasts forever, e.g. Chanel flap bag. Because the Spy bag is expensive for me, I would like to buy it if it is a classic bag so that I can use it for years and expand my classic bags collection.

    Another question is it cheaper to buy Fendi Spy bag in HK or London?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. The spy is a classic bag, very clever design and shall be around for a long time, thats why Fendi is not pushing the design this season as know these bags sell their self. I think the price of the spy is more or less the same the world over unless you get it from a US website like Jomashop which ship to the UK but then if you get caught in customs it can turn out to be nearly the same as what you would buy in a shop here. Hope this helps
  3. Thanks Saich2. Have you or anyone here bought Spy from Jomashop? Because it's so cheap, I just wonder if they sell outlet quality Fendi Spy. It is because I saw a Fendi Spy which costs 300pounds in a London handbag warehouse sale before, so I guess there are outlet quality. I didn't buy it because I wasn't sure if it is authentic or not, till now, I just think that it is outlet quality. However, it is still unbelievable that it cost 300pounds.
  4. Hi Londoner, I was lucky enough to get a gorgeous UK honey one on eBay, so dont also be afraid of using eBay IF you get it authenticated on here!, of course there are loads of yukky fakes out there, but there are some diamonds too.

    If you do not want to go that route, go to Harrods or Browns and make your first Spy experience one that you will always treasure.

    So, what colour is your dream spy? :smile:
  5. Thanks Chloe-babe. I saw the Honey at Selfridges yesterday, it costs 30pounds more, 1150pounds, very nice and soft. I want to get the cognac which is 1120pounds. Just trying to see where can I get the cheapest Spy in the world or between UK and HK.
  6. Welcome to the world of the Spy Londoner!! I agree with Saich and chloe-babe's advice. I do think to be on the safe I would order your Spy through a reputable retailer....Net-A-Porter currently have the blueberry and white Spies, Browns did have the blueberry on their website (but it's worth calling them to see what they have), then there is HN, Harrods and Selfridges. As for the colour, I would go for the one you could really get the most use out of. The cognac would be a great all round first Spy...I say "first" Spy because one is never enough!! As for the cost, you might find them cheaper in HK, I know there are a few consignment shops there, where you may be able to pick one up second hand...but be sure to go to a reputable place where there's no fakes!!
    I see the Spy as classic design which will be around for years...there really is no other bag quite like it! I feel real affection for my Spies compared to my other bags...(yes, including my Balenciagas!!) There is something very special about them and I feel so happy when I wear mine! :love: :love:
    Good luck with your search and let us know what you do purchase!!
  7. Jomashop do sell authentic spys and the post to the UK but remember you could have to pay more with customs charges. The shops in the UK are more or less the same as regarding price. If the price is really cheap at a Con. shop then their is a good chance its fake. eBay is a brilliant place to get spys but get them check out here first.
  8. Thanks everyone for the information.
  9. I bought my first one at Saks and then returned it like an idiot and bought one again (the Zucca Spy) from a lovely PFer...its definitely a CLASSIC, nothing faddish about it! Enjoy!
  10. I think the spy is a revolution! I've never been so in love with a bag for such a long time and it just grows even more.
  11. Ladies, I have ordered my first Fendi Spy. It's dark chocolate as I am afraid the colour will fade for cognac after reading the threads. I am so exciting now. Thanks everyone for the help.
  12. congrats on your new purchase!! the bag is definitely to die for!!
  13. IMO, The Spy is a Classic, and the iconic style of Fendi...
    as the City from Balenciaga
    the Classic Flap or the Re issue from Chanel
    the Muse from YSL etc ...
  14. Dear all,
    I am new to the purse forum and my name is pavlovakitty. I have just purchased my first Fendi Spy in a dark chocolate brown colour. I am so fascinated to read all the messages posted on the fendi spy. I have been thinking about getting a spy for as long as it first came out. I agree with the message posted by "Londoner", I wasn't sure if the spy will last for a long time. I wanted a bag I can use everyday for the rest of my life (well maybe not, but you know what I mean). Something that would suit every occassion. I am so happy I finally found the one, I have had many designer bags but I think this one has got to be the best ever. I purchased mine at AUD$3050 (not cheap but it is worth every penny!).
  15. pavlovakitty, congrats!!!!! We got the same colour. I am still waiting mine to be sent to me. I am so excited.