Fendi Spy: end cap question

  1. HI Ladies,
    I'm not sure if you guys remember when I had some questions on my fendi spy bag end cap..the mirror part of it. Well, it feel off and I went to Saks to fix it and apparently the Saks I went to do not carry fendi, so they took it to their local repair man and they keep on fixing it wrong. The mirror part of it was glued back the the word 'FENDI' is fixed upside down. I just spoke to the handbag manager at Saks and it seems like he's saying that the bag is fixed rite...bc the repairman said so....
    MY question is, could you guys tlel me how the mirror part of the end cap should be? is it suppposed to have the word 'FENDI' upside down or not? thanks.
  2. Uh. It should be right side up if you are looking at the bag sitting on the table, and you pick up the spy wand and look at the end of it. The mirror should have FENDI written right-side up.
  3. that's what i though and i explained it to the manager and he said that 'I don't want to argue with you on the phone'...first of all, no one is arguing with you and that i know my bags.....so he said he has to ship it over to fendi so they can look at it!!!
  4. That is obnoxious.
  5. at this point..i'm frustrated...i've been dealing with saks since end of january and they still haven't fixed it..the local guy tried 5 times and stilll can't get it rite..now they say that they might have to bring it to fendi and god knows how long will that take.