fendi Spy DUST BAG question.. please help!

  1. Hi girls..

    just wondering what your fendi spy's dust bag is like?

    I have 2 fendi spys.. one of them has a Black dust bag with very lousy drawstrings (seems stiff)..

    and another one has a WHITE dust bag that ties around like a gunny sack.. Not drawstring... there's a rope that you have to tie around the opening...

    ANYONE HAS DUSTBAGS like mine??
  2. i have a black dustbag that doesn't seem like anything special...
  3. I have both black and white dust bags, that are useless also
  4. Mine came with the black dust bag with the drawstrings.
  5. yeah mine is black nylon with drawstrings... nothing special... you would think they'd give you something more substantial cosidering the money spent...
  6. I have 4 fendis and they are all black/dark dark grey with lousy strings that don't draw properly.
  7. hmm... cool.. so we all have crappy dustbags.. i thought it was just me..

    BUt does anyone have the NON drawstring kind??
  8. Yep, they definately come with crappy dustbags!