Fendi Spy Colors

  1. Ok so I'm obsessed with the Spy Colors, but this obsession started recently and it seems like everything is so neutral now. My Neimans only has the black, chocolate and like 2 others I would never carry! Does anyone know anywhere I can get a blueberry or green or anything pretttty, perhaps even a used one besides eBay. I keep hoping for an authentic one to pop up. orrrrrr does any tpfers wanna get rid of one i will take it off ur shoulders (literally);)
  2. Deco is selling her Cherry spy on eBay. You cannot get the green any more unless one comes up on eBay but a lot of the old green ones are not is good condition. I got my green made by Fendi and it did not cost a lot more than what it is at retail. You should be still able to get the Blueberry just need to phone round some shops, try Fendi NY they always have a wide range. hope this helps
  3. Saich I just wanna tell you I have been reading the forum obsesssively for the past 2 weeks because this spy obsession literally came out of nowhere and now I can't kick it. I think you are my idol with all your bags. One of my main problems is a spy at retail cost is more than the amount of money I made working all summer (I'm a college student) My dad does not understand a bag more than 200 dollars! Part of me is hoping one pops up like that store display one in black thats buy it now, but thats where I'm mixed also if I'm going to spend so much money on a bag should it be black because I can wear if everyday even though the other ones are so pretty? I think i have a serious addiction and I might need therapy...I'm losing sleep over this new obsession!
  4. In order to spend the money it takes to get a Spy, I would recommend you make certain the color etc really "speak" to you. You can find tons of black bags out there. If they black Spy does not make you :drool: don't get it.
    I would urge you to be very very careful on Ebay. I have seen too many posts where people bought before having an item authenticated. Bluefly often has Spys or you might try contacting one of the Gucci outlets.
  5. oh trust me I know I have been crazy about making sure stuff is real the purse forum saved my life..I feel like I truly can tell a real one now but obviously i would still check here first
  6. and i know what u mean about having it speak to you....i think i have fallen in love with some of them
  7. I would say...try to find one you absolutely LOVE, that's versatile as well, if possible. The Zucca print, petrol blue, blueberry, taupe, and many others I believe can go with most outfits. They can also be dressed up and dressed down. That's why I love them.:p

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  8. i know what you mean I think my biggest problem though is finding one that i love and one I can afford! (I'm still trying to explain to my dad why I need to use my savings to get a bag) men just don't get it! If i can convince him then maybe ill wait and get the eggplant when it comes out!