Fendi Spy Colors (Other than Black & Brown)

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I need some good advice. I really want a spy bag, but I can't decide on a color. I have many black and brown designer bags, and I have been eyeing the petrol spy bag. For those of you with the spy, do you have any suggestions? Thank you :yes:
  2. I have the Petrol and Cherry which are beautiful, but very hard to get. I would love a Green spy or a Dark Green/Gold hologram which I wonder if exist as never seen one. You should go to Greendrv site Designer Handbag News and Authentication and look under the Fendi colour reference its excellent.
  3. Thank you for the advice Saich2!
  4. I know not everybody's gonna like this one, but there's a Fendi Spy that's beige with purple handles that I think is really interesting and lovely. If I had that kinda money to throw around, I'd get one to go with my black one that I won on eBay this past Saturday that I'm expecting to have in my possession real sooooooon!:yahoo:
  5. Congrats on your new spy Katgrrl, I am sure you will love it.
  6. See I like the unique looking ones like the beige and purple. I can get a black or brown bag from any designer, but I would like something that is different. Does fendi really have a spy bag with the zucca print in the middle part?

  7. Tankyewwwwww!!!!!!! I'm sure I'm gonna love it toooooo!:love:
  8. The silver metallic makes a good non-black/brown spy.
  9. The hologram spy is my favorite, but the metallic spies, and petrol and green are really amazing too! :yes:
  10. another vote for the hologram
  11. I totally see your point about the black or brown bags. And YESSS, Fendi really does have a spy bag with the zucca print in the middle! And it's gorgeous! Have you seen any pics of it yet? If not, here's a link...

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  12. i have a metallic spy bag and i love it!
  13. I love petrol and green as a color for the Spy! So I would recommend that. But if you can, I would definitely recommend any of the limited edition ones: sequin, crackled suede, come to mind! They are so lovely! :love: