Fendi Spy - cognac or camel?

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  1. Hello All-
    Some of you probably read that I got the hologram spy on Saturday night. The bronze leather has already started to peel off around the edges to expose the turquoise suede. So, looks like I'll have to ship it off so that my aunt can return it. Now the question is what color bag to get in its place. I really want to keep the hologram, but I think that a bag that costs so much should never have something wrong with it. So, should I get the cognac or the camel? I think the cognac would be easier to keep because it's darker and will not show spots, etc. Any opinions? I need to know fast because I overnight the bag tomorrow, and then she'll go to Fendi to exchange it.
    *Is there any other fabulous color that I'm forgetting about?
  2. 1. Cognac (or Dark Brown)
    2. Honey over Camel
  3. Oh yes. I meant honey. I don't like the camel too much. Thanks, SoCal!
  4. I like the cognac as well-I love the color AND it is an easier keep..I just noticed a pen mark on my whiskey paddy and almost cried:sad:
  5. Pick the Cognac, it's so beautiful...goes with everything. I'm being biased though...I have the Cognac. You're right about it keeping nice.
  6. i pick the Cognac :amuse:
  7. I have the cognac and I LOVE it!! It's a great color and I receive loads of compliments!
  8. I saw one of the bags you got at a local Fendi boutique over the weekend. I agree with you, the "strands" are so delicate it seems like it won't last that long.

    I loved the Cognac color....beautiful! Just the perfect shade of brown. Not too dark, not too light. Just perfect. :biggrin:
  9. Yes, I agree. I just hope they'll exchange it! I'd be too scared now to touch the hologram again if I have to keep it. I can't imagine what it will look like in three months if three days of careful use caused wear and tear.
  10. Just have your aunt show them what's happening to it....they should consider it a defect.
  11. the cognac is my fav:biggrin: i love it. But if your worrying about it chipping away...it slowly chips away at the mouth of the bag, and where the leather bends..ect...ill try to post pictures of my bag. i have only had it for 4 months and there are light spots on my leather. ..but i think its character of the leather.
  12. i'd go for honey..!!
    it'll look so fresh in spring summer season.. i saw many pics of honey here.. it was unbelievably vibrant..:love: