fendi spy black or honey

  1. Hi what to get black or honey?
    Black is more versatile but honey is pretty
  2. If choosing between black and honey, I will pick honey. But overall, I like chocolate brown better.:biggrin:
  3. What color clothes are you more prone to wear? It's true that black is a great basic color, but if you already have a black bag I'd say the honey... it's so pretty! :smile:
  4. The honey can be worn in all seasons whereas the black is more of a fall/winter color. I'd get the honey.
  5. Honey. It's beautiful.
  6. Honey. It's more versatile.
  7. Honey hands down... It's definitely versatile!
  8. I'm the odd one, if I had to chose one....I'd pick the basic black. Plus, I've heard black was going to be discontinued. Honey is much easier to get then the scarce black. I had to get the cognac AND the black....I couldn't decide either!
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  9. i second that!
  10. Honey, it has lovely tones. Black is a bit "matte" for me.
  11. honey is more unique...I got it because I already have enough classic black bags and the craftsmanship on this bag cries out for a color in my opinion...it shows it off better
  12. honey - really shows off the detail and texture of the leather
  13. can I say cognac?
  14. honey definitely. it's prettier.
  15. Well I have a choclate brown, and I like it, the black is not going to be discointiued it is the easiest color to get