Fendi Spy Bent Handles

  1. Hi, I tried looking this up on the forum but wasn't able to find much info (if this topic has been covered in an old link somewhere, please post the link). I was curious if any of you Spy owners have problems with Bent woven handles. Usually it's the back handle of the bag and it will look more like a 1/2 moon instead of an upside down U shape like the way it's supposed to be.

    Is there any way to fix this or at least improve on the bent shapes? I have 2 Spy's and so far I have been lucky, but I've seen the bents on a few Spy's (sometimes even new ones on display!) and know that it's quite a problem. So any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Hmm, I don't understand your question...could you post a pic showing the exact nature of the bending?
  3. I think they stretch/bend when carried for a while or if there are heavy things in it. I suppose trying to bend it the opposite way might help..besides that I have no clue..
  4. I agree with kneehi. Think you are seeing really new bags that perhaps have not been carried. The handles naturally become more elliptical in shape as they get more use.:yes: In fact spy handles that are squared off a bit near the base are either an indication that a bag is really new, or if really squared off -that it is a fake :wtf:~! I'm not implying BTW that you are looking at fake spy bags, it is just my Authenticators Radar that detects such inconsistencies on some fake bags.
  5. ^ DId not know/notice that baglady! Good to know!

  6. Thanks for the answer! I'm just worried that it might stay "bent" for good, but as you say, the more the bag's carried (has weight in it), then hopefully that'll straighten the "bend" a little bit :smile: Btw, baglady, I'd love to see a photo of all complete Spy collection!
  7. I get that request often, but I am utterly concerned that given all the Fendi Junkies Main Lining it in this Forum, my big Mountain of Spies (and other Fendi Bags) would cause a MASSIVE COMMUNAL OVER DOSE in the Forum....!!

    I just don't want to hurt any one...truly..:rolleyes:

    It is much safer to share them here in small, balanced and premeasured Doses...:roflmfao:
  8. Thanks Baglady, as much as I would love to see your collection, you are right. I would definitely be one of those that would be rushed to hospital cos of a heart attack! :nuts:
  9. Noo nooo noooooooo!! You MUST show us a group pic. How ironic is it that I was just thinking of PMing you this before I clicked on this thread? PLeeeeease??:crybaby:
  10. Well there might be a problem.... Baglady has A LOT of bags, if she took a group photo, by the time she fits all her bags in I doubt we will be able to see any detail! :graucho: She'd probably have to stand at least 100m back, lol.
  11. Kav -- I think I'd need auditorium seating just for the handbags! :roflmfao:
  12. Oh! Well actually I was thinking group pic of all your/her spys or all the fendis...anything!