Fendi Spy Baulotto question

  1. Does anyone know which Saks stores sell fendi. I am would like a baby spy in a color (not black or brown or honey) does anyone which colors may be available. The Fendi Store near me has a peacock blue is that a nice color. TIA!
  2. I haven't really seen them in "colors" this season. I've just seen tribal and zucca. good luck though!
  3. Saks in San Francisco has Fendi. Last time I went, I only saw the regular sized Spy bags, but that was a couple months ago. Good luck!
  4. The ones in Dallas don't have colors, just browns, zucca, etc. You could ask someone in any Saks or Neimans (or other store/fendi boutique) to call and do a search.
  5. Thanks everyone for all your help.