Fendi Spy & Balenciaga Purse, which one to keep?

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  1. Just received my new Fendi Spy in grey color, and realize it's very close to my Balenciaga greige purse. Now I don't know if I should keep both of them, or just one. What do you think?;)

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  2. they are both gorgeous! can you keep both? the leather on the fendi and balenciaga are quite different (lamb vs goat). i have a black spy and a black city and i would never part with either one. yeah...i am no help at all.
  3. i think keep the spy :smile:
  4. I love both bags but I'd keep the spy;)
  5. Keep both if you can! But if you need to let one go I'd say keep the Spy since I like that style better than the Purse style.
  6. Keep Spy, that grey Spy is TDF!!
    Can I ask what's year of your grey B-Bag? 06?
  7. It's 06 f/w greige color.
  8. Yes, the leather are so different. The leather on Fendi is very soft, softer than the purse.
  9. if you dont have a spy already and you have to give one up i would say keep the spy, i have a black spy and im in love with it
  10. I would keep the spy too.
  11. The Spy is TDF, I would keep that one.
  12. This is really funny! I thought for sure the Bbag would get more votes. I am not a fan of the spy, so I vote for the purse.
  13. Another vote for the Spy! I love it!
  14. Wearing both of the bags. I love both of them, really hate to see one has to go.:Push:

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  15. I was to suggest "keep the spy"...but after seeing your modelling pictures- I'd say KEEP THE PURSE!!

    You look good with your Purse. I reckon spy is bulky.